Our First VegFest

Preparing for Central Florida VegFest 2016

In a way we’ve been preparing for our first festival since the day we thought of printing Vegan T-Shirts.  Vegan T-Shirt activism really appeals to Ali and I as we become more immersed in the lifestyle.  First, for the event we made the decision on the shirt quantity, designs to have on hand, and where to set the prices.  Additionally, we prepared the necessary logistical needs such as a folding table, canopy, and square for credit card transactions.  Finally, a few days before the event we went into overdrive pressing all of the T-Shirts, and with that, we were prepared!  So, off to Central Florida VegFest we went!

Day of the VegFest

Vegan Prints table at the Central Florida VegFest 2016

Vegan Prints table at the Central Florida VegFest 2016

The day of festival came early Saturday morning.  Our excitement and apprehensions were present as we were not quite sure to expect as first-time vendors.  Upon arrival, we released some nervous energy with a quick setup in our designated spot.  How cool we thought to be under one canopy with fellow first-time vendor JJ Juice.  Consequently, we had a great group experience as we shared stories and the festival together.  It was thrilling as the day moved forward and visitors started to come to our table!  We find it both exciting and encouraging to meet determined young Vegan people being accompanied by their supportive but often non-Vegan parents.  At the end of the day our proof of concept as first-time vendors was realized.  As a result, we continue to talk about or first VegFest experience even now.  Additionally, visiting other organizations, vendors, and friends made  the event very memorable!

Future Festivals

Future festivals are in our plans.  On November 13th 2016 we will  be at the Space Coast VegFest at the Cocoa Riverfront Park.  So, please come out and visit us!  We’re looking for more events as we transition into 2017 and will keep you posted.  Our goal is to attend many more Florida events and we’re hoping to go to the National Animal Rights Conference next year!

A very big thank you to all that came over to visit our table at the Central Florida VegFest!  We really appreciate it!


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