Our Plant-Based Food: Grocery Unboxing Video

Plant-based foods at the local produce stand

Produce Stand

This vegan grocery unboxing video shows you what we brought back from a shopping trip. Plant-based food shopping, as you’d expect, plays a big role in the vegan journey.  Many of our fruits and vegetables come from a produce stand and we seek out some of their very affordable discount offerings.  Usually we shop once a week and then prepare the food during the weekend so we don’t have to cook each week night.  If you have a produce stand nearby, check it out to help augment what you purchase from the grocery store.  Maybe you’ll find, like we have, that the bulk of your shopping can be done from a produce stand.  In the video, look for the cameo of Jessie the Labrador!

How We Shop For Plant-Based Foods

We buy a mix of food which is sometimes dictated by the season, a recipe that we’ll cook, and other times is more spontaneous.  We try for a diversity of fruits and vegetables in everything from texture to color.  Beans, lentils, cashews, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and leafy greens are typical.  Ali just bought a 25lbs. bag of red quinoa so that will be included in more of our meals too!  From our most recent shopping we brought home some great looking peaches which I made into a peach pie.  Also, we’re excited to cut into some dragon fruit which is quite nice, if you haven’t tried it.

Check out our video on YouTube: Vegan Grocery Unboxing


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