Vegan Prints First Donation – Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary

Vegan Prints First Charitable Donation to a Sanctuary

When we started Vegan Prints we knew we would donate a part of the proceeds to animal charities, especially those helping farm animals. So several months later we made the plan to  allocate some money and in December decided to make good on our promise. I virtually met Jim, the Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary owner via our mutual vegan friends on Facebook.

Why Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary

I love Jim’s short, impromptu videos of the animals in his care. It is obvious how deeply he cares about them. I was particularly struck by his videos about saving baby possums. How many of you drive by a dead possum on the side of the road and stop to check the pouch to see if she was a female carrying babies? Well, Jim does just that and this way he rescued countless baby possums. Because he also has farm animals (geese, chickens, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and goats) in his care farm we were happy to choose this sanctuary as Vegan Prints’ fist charitable donation recipient.

Our trip to the sanctuary

So on December 11 we loaded the car with some dear friends and hit the road. About 45 min later we arrived. The place was bustling with life, all kinds of life. Rambunctious geese met us at the gate and shortly afterwards Jim and Chris took us on a tour of the sanctuary.

The sanctuary residents

Chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, llama, pot belly pigs and more all happily roam around.  Beautiful exotic snakes are there, adorable baby tortoises, and newly hatched baby ducklings. The pigeons who were just rescued from slaughter (who knew people ate pigeons too?) along with some bunnies who miraculously avoided the same fate. The two sheep were quite shy and one was still limping. We were told they were newly rescued from slaughter too and the one limping had her leg caught in a fence for an extended period of time and no one provided medical help. I loved meeting them all!

But the joy of the joy were the baby piglets and their momma. I honestly don’t know if there is a more adorable sight than a bunch of piglets running around or making their out-of-this-world adorable noises while nursing. Now, this is a beautiful sight that will melt your heart! Of course, it was hard to take pictures of them, as they never sat still to pose for me. But that did not stop me from taking 50+ pictures of them and some videos.

The feeling

We left the sanctuary with the feeling of gratitude and happiness for both my friends who shared in the experience with us and for seeing those lucky animals who live there. I remember growing up in the village where I never allowed myself to love our farm animals or get close to them because it would hurt too much when they were slaughtered. Now I feel free to wholeheartedly love them, knowing I will never be a party to harm them ever again. It’s such a good feeling.

Here are some pictures we took that day. Thank you Second Chance Wildlife for sharing in the experience with us.



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