Our First Year

Our First Year

Rob & Ali at the Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival

Wow! We can’t believe that our first year has passed since we started Vegan Prints. First and foremost, a huge thank you to all of our friends, customers, and fellow Vegans for joining us on this Vegan journey! Also, thank you for sharing your Vegan Journey with us! Without you and your support it would be difficult to continue. Let me tell you, we’re absolutely thrilled every time we see one of you wearing a Vegan Prints shirt! So, what did we do this year? Let’s look at the year in review.

Year in Review

Vegan Prints is our idea of how to participate within the Vegan community. Our goal is to positively promote plant-based compassionate living. For this reason we chose T-shirt activism which is both a fun and tangible means to convey our Vegan message. Our first six designs were successful at the 11th Annual Central Florida VegFest, and at Space Coast VegFest. We developed another six designs early in 2017 and have received a lot of positive feedback as they premiered both online and at the next two events. We finished out our first year at the 12th Annual Central Florida Earth Day Festival and the Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival. Again, we feel it’s important for us to not only thank our customers, but also thank the organizers of these events. Thank you! So, here’s what’s coming up.


The Vegan Journey Continues

Ali’s silhouette. A beautiful sunrise at the beach

Vegan Prints is off to a strong start in our second year. We’ve already registered for the 2017 Animal Rights National Conference in Washington D.C. This conference offers us not only the opportunity to be vendor/exhibitors, but also presents a wonderful program with a variety of activities. We’re looking forward to an immersive experience and continuing our Vegan journey with like-minded animal rights advocates from organizations such as Mercy for Animals, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Vegan Outreach, and many more. This fall we’re looking forward to Central Florida VegFest, Space Coast VegFest, and Tampa Bay VegFest! If we haven’t met in person yet at one these events, then I hope we get to meet at an upcoming one soon. We enjoy hearing your Vegan story. It makes out day!

Love and Peace,

Ali and Rob

Playful piglets at Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary


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