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Vegan Prints Story

Vegan Prints is a direct result of our unexpected journey to veganism.  Our newly-found unwavering quest is to raise awareness about the state of animal agriculture in the world. Also, we passionately  advocate for animal welfare and animal rights. We raise awareness about the effects of animal agriculture on the environment, global famine, our health.  Read our stories.

Veganism: Helpful Resources

Thank you for your interest in making kinder choices: for yourself, for the animals, for other humans and for this beautiful Planet. There are thousands and thousands of great reference material online, so we encourage you to do more research beyond the few links and references noted here. Vegan Prints put together these quick references to be helpful to those who are only starting on their journeys to veganism. Because when we know better, we do better.


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Vegan Prints Designs

We are launching our community with our first five designs for vegan shirts. All designs are original. We worked with a talented graphic designer from Europe to develop them. We think the results are phenomenal.

Our designs include:

Love Animals. Don’t Eat Them.

Look at children’s reaction when they see an animal: a dog, a pig, a cat, or a chicken. The reaction is one of admiration and awe. Definitely not one of indifference or wishing harm on them. So many of us consider ourselves animal lovers. Yet, many of us eat animals daily. We believe that humans are naturally compassionate beings and just need to be reminded that the animals in the animal agriculture deserve our love and compassion too. So if we truly love animals, we should stop eating them.

Earth’s in Peril. Be a Hero. Go Vegan

Why Earth’s In Peril design? We wanted to increase awareness about the impact of animal agriculture on this Planet. And we all know that farmed animals suffer a lot and many of us choose veganism because we want the animal suffering to end.  But I may venture that initially many of us did not know how much animal agriculture is affecting this Planet. In fact, animal agriculture may be destroying it. And most people don’t know about this reality. It is time to raise awareness, everywhere we go!

No Difference. Go Vegan

We find ourselves wanting to say “Go Vegan” a lot nowadays. Especially when people talk about how much they love animals while eating them. Yes, as a western society, we are used to loving our cats and dogs, bunnies and other “pet” animals. Yet, so many of us have no second thoughts when we eat pigs, chickens, cows, lambs, fish and other “food” animals. But at the end of the day there is no difference. All animals love, feel fear, stress, and need our protection. If we say we love animals, let’s make sure we love all of them. Because there is no difference.

Unleash Your Compassion. Go Vegan

This tshirt design was developed to call on people everywhere to open their heart and show love towards farmed animals. But this can also be a universal call to compassion. You show empathy towards farmed animals, you also show kindness for your own body, and for the humans. Also, you show mercy for the wildlife and the environment. So many of us, growing up eating meat, have suppressed our compassion towards those we were eating. It is time to unleash our compassion, for all!

Love. Peas. Vegan.

Wear this design to remind everyone that peace does indeed start at our dinner table. Help stop the needless exploitation and killing of animals for food. We rip what we saw. How can we possibly desire for peace of this Earth, when each year we kill billions (60+) of land animals and trillions (2.7+) sea animals. This widespread and ongoing killing of innocent animals can’t possibly help us achieve peace on this Planet. To learn more about the connection between our diets and peace, please read Will Tuttle’s book, The World Peace Diet. A cruelty-free and compassionate way of living will lead to peace on this planet.