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VeganEvan and ShannonVeganEvan and I: Where it all started

My name is Shannon, VeganEvan’s Mommy and I want to share with you our adventure to Veganism.
Evan hasn’t always been vegan and neither have I. I became vegetarian in November of 1996, Thanksgiving Day to be exact. We then became vegan in September, 2015. And here is our story. 
Although I remained vegetarian throughout my pregnancy, I chose not to raise Evan vegetarian. I was always so proud of being vegetarian and even more proud that I had made the decision for myself. So I felt that allowing him to make the choice, would afford him the same opportunity to feel the pride that I had as a child. Also, I believed that if I raised him to be a kind, conscious, caring and empathetic individual and also showed him how to love animals and really be kind to all, he would eventually make the decision for himself, just like I had. Although I was very hopeful, I had never imagined that he would make the decision at such a young age.

Evan’s first major life decisions

When Evan was 4, he decided that he no longer wanted to eat meat, but he explained that he did want to continue eating fish for the time being (this may have been related to my mom eating fish – the only animal “food” she was consuming). He quickly became a passionate vegetarian and soon he ditched the fish as well! To my delight, Evan also started lecturing Grandma Lynn about how she should probably not be eating fish either! He said it didn’t line up with her beliefs and statements — which was so great to hear! I was such a proud veg mama!!!

Veganism: taking a hard look at myself

Now, for years I had thought about going vegan, but it just seemed like it would be so difficult — I mean, how could I possibly go a day without my beloved cheese?!?? Plus, I didn’t really know any vegans. In fact, throughout my entire life, I had barely known any vegetarians. At work, a young host had started and he was vegan. Then, one of the girls at work transitioned from living as an omnivore to a vegetarian, and then to veganism in a matter of a months. Suddenly, another one of the girls at work claimed she was vegan as well! This was causing me to put some more thought into veganism and do a little research. Another person at my job kept telling me that I was hypocritical for being vegetarian and not vegan. She is an omnivore and was admittedly saying this in an attempt to upset me, but I am so grateful she did because she really caused me to take a hard look at my beliefs and how I was living. I soon realized that the information I was looking for was readily available and abundant – all I had to do was look for it and it was everywhere!

The movie that changed it all for us…

After deciding to watch Cowspiracy on Netflix one night, the decision was made. Actually, I wasn’t the only one who decided to go vegan that night! My boyfriend was a pretty big meat eater and claimed he would be for the rest of his life. He told me countless times that no one could ever say or do anything to change his mind, and that he would always eat meat. And now, he is proud to say that he has been vegan since that night as well. After watching the incredibly informative documentary, he gained an understanding of how much our planet is being harmed by our unnecessary and selfish ways. He really began to understand how unjust the treatment of the animals really is.

… And Evan’s reaction

Evan was sleeping when we watched the documentary so he knew nothing about our decision to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle. On the way to school in the morning, I told him that my boyfriend and I had decided to go Vegan. He knew what a being vegan meant. He looked at me in the rear view mirror and said, “Mommy, if you guys are going to do it, I might as well!” I told him I didn’t think that was a good idea. As a parent, we never want our children to miss out on things or be excluded from fun and happy celebrations and things of that nature. I explained that if he became a vegan, he would never be able to enjoy a pizza party at school, and that on classmates’ birthdays there would be no cupcake for him, and that he wouldn’t be able to have a lot of things that he liked a lot. He looked back at me and said, “I don’t care Mommy! If the animals are getting hurt and I don’t need those things, then I don’t want them!” My heart melted.  I said, “Okay, you can try it too!” What a defining moment for all. 

My baby has options. And he chooses compassion.

I told Evan that if he didn’t like being vegan or if he just ever changed his mind, I would not be mad at him or upset with him. But he never looked back. Evan has become the most passionate vegan I’ve ever known! Now, I am more than positive that he will never change his mind. Since becoming vegan, we have only become more aware and informed. Our main reason for being vegan is definitely the  animals. Knowing what we know and having love for all creatures, there is no chance we would ever be able to drink a cow’s milk or eat dairy cheese or dairy ice cream again! 

Cow’s milk is for baby cows

In addition, we’ve wised up and used some good old common sense. Just think about it: we are NOT baby cows, so drinking a cow’s breast milk or having it in any form is just gross!!! Since we made the switch, to our delight, Grandma Lynn and Evan’s Grandpa Earl have gone Vegan as well! We have so much fun making new dishes as well as many of our old favorites Veganized!  It is the most awesome feeling to have a delicious meal and know that nobody suffered; no one got ripped away from their mom for our taste buds!

Our hope for the future: the hope the world goes vegan

It is our hope you will make the switch if you haven’t already! I want to mention that I was quite confused and ignorant as a vegetarian in many ways. I have a much better understanding now than I did before. And I am still learning every single day. I don’t anticipate that ever changing. Now looking back, had I been vegan when Evan was born, I would have definitely raised him vegan. I feel that it is a moral responsibility and that everyone who is able to be vegan needs to be vegan. Also, after being vegan now for over a year and doing a lot of research, I am confident that a vegan lifestyle is the healthiest possible. I personally know that my family and I are much happier and also feel much healthier after making the switch. In addition, my baby has been a vegetarian for over two years and Vegan for over one year, and Evan recently had bloodwork done and everything was great!! Vegans are not missing out on anything wonderful like I had previously believed. We are so proud to be doing the right thing, despite the cultural norms. We hope that this movement will continue to grow exponentially until everyone is vegan.

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