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Welcome to! We are super excited to see you here. This website is a direct result of our unexpected journey into vegan activism.

Why vegan activism

As we learned more and more about animal agriculture, we could no longer sit back and turn our head the other way. We suddenly found ourselves on this new unwavering quest. The quest is about raising awareness about the state of animal agriculture in the world. In particular, we care about animal welfare and animal rights. Upon doing additional research, we came to realize we didn’t need to kill animals to survive. In addition, we want to raise awareness about the effects of animal agriculture on the environment. Also, we hope more people learn about how animal agriculture affects global famine. So we can all make kinder choices.

Why tshirts with vegan messages

Wearing your social-vegan-activism shirts is one way to effectively plant a seed for compassion. And raise awareness too, without saying a word. And they also are such a great conversation starter! So we partnered with a talented graphic designer to help bring some ideas to life. We hope you enjoy these original vegan shirts designs.

We are super excited about introducing new designs and helping spread the word of compassion. One tshirt at a time. Thanks for visiting us!


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